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As we enter the season of darkness the earth drifts into deep slumber. It’s the time of letting go, falling into the void of going deep within ourselves. We release and compost all that is dying, all that no longer holds purpose for us so we can prepare space for planting new ideas, new creations, new dreams. When the veil is thin we can imagine the faces of our ancient ancestors, the ones who knew the wisdom of the stars and the moon. We hear their whispers, we are the ones they dreamed of. Black Knight Scabiosa and Sage flower essences with Black Tourmaline stone elixir cradle you in a soft velvet sky, studded with shimmering stars that hold the promise of remembering this wisdom so we may live and create from a place of beauty.  Half ounce dropper bottle.

SAMHAIN ~ Dark Goddess Elixir

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