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An intuitiive blend of herbal tinctures and flower essences, held in brandy and local wildflower honey.  Nettle, Yarrow, Damiana, Mugwort and Gotu Kola tinctures with rose, cosmos, sage flower, comfrey flower and larkspur flower essences and a few drops of Chalice Well water from the spring in Glastonbury, UK.  

This Elixir was created on the Black Moon, New Moon in Libra, September 2016.  It is inspired by the hypnotic Goddess Lilith who invokes our creativity, rebellion, sexual energy and feminine power.  She is a symbol of Divine Matriarchal energy that refuses to be dominated or controlled.  Lilith was punished and rejected simply for being herself.  Stop worrying about what people think of you and carve out your life in your own way.  Created from what I call a blend of "warrior herbs" and an exotic flower essence I made in May 2016 at Beltane.

2 oz dropper bottle


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