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Plant Allies

Who are we?

Mother Nature supplies us with an abundance of natural healing through plants, flowers and herbs. Each has its own innate "medicine" that we can benefit from once we tap into and learn their secrets. It can be as simple and powerful as taking a gentle flower essence for grief or anxiety or by taking a few drops of an herbal tincture to cure a common cold. I use organically grown or sourced herbs and flowers to create small batches of healing magic!



Rose (Rosa) is a "whisper of the Divine". She is extremely powerful and used in love spells. A well known flower of love and devotion. Her petals and thorns reflect the tenderness and pain of earthly experience. Rose is known to work on the heart and heart chakra. It gives peace at a time of grieving and will help to heal a broken heart. I use home dried rose petals and rosebuds in many of my creations, the Bath Salts, Massage Oil, Skin Serum and Skin Tonic and I added a White Rose flower essence to my Empress Elixir.


Clary Sage

(Salvia sclarea) has a lengthy history as a medicinal herb in the genus Salvia and is grown mainly for its essential oil. She helps you focus, supports alertness and attention to detail. Prefers to work as a magical plant than to be eaten! Spiritual qualities are balancing, rejuvenating, inspiring and revitalizing and is a powerful ally when used Shamanically. I use Clary Sage in my Bath Salt Soak.


Holy Basil

Tulsi (ocimum sanctum) is often called Holy Basil. It is a potent herb that has been used in India for thousands of years to treat colds coughs and flu. In Ayurvedic medicine it promotes purity and lightness in the body. It is "an elixir of life", the Queen of Herbs. It offers Divine protection and nourishes us to perfect health and enlightenment. A purifier of Mind, Body and Spirit. I use it in tincture form in my High Priestess Elixir.

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Since ancient times and especially during the Renaissance and the Middle Ages, Lavender has been the favorite of all scented herbs.  It's Latin name Lavandula, (from lavare, to wash)  relates to its use in bathing and soaps.  The medieval housewife put it in clo