A combination of dried herbs and flowers for use as a vaginal steam.  Calendula, Motherwort, Mugwort, Rosemary, Roses, Lavender amd Yarrow.  Please see Product Info below for more details.  Bag contains enough material for two steams.


  • Vaginal Steams are an ancient remedy for women of all ages to sooth all manner of ailments form menstrual cramps to fibroids, post partum  tenderness and menopause, and also for maintaining health and wellbeing.  The herbs are placed in a bowl with recently boiled, not boiling water and allowed to steep for fifteen minutes.  This allows  the water to cool off slightly and the herbs to infuse.  Wrapping yourself in a blanket or robe,  squat above the bowl for twenty minutes or so.  Allow the steam to warm your nether regions and the herbal "medicine" to absorb into the skin for healing. NOT recommended for women who are pregnant.